Fairness Opinions / Valuation Analysis

Columbia West Capital utilizes a comprehensive approach to provide clients with a detailed business valuation for tax or estate purposes.  Additionally, we can provide a Fairness Opinion for mergers and acquisitions transactions that involve a diverse set of shareholders.

Fairness Opinions
We can assist with fairness opinions that provide an independent and unbiased opinion as to the fairness of a merger, sale or acquisition transaction.  Upon completing a thorough due diligence process to understand the transaction and the variables within such a transaction, we can provide a thorough analysis of the transaction which:

The firm has particular experience with providing fairness opinions for transactions and businesses with unique circumstances.

Business Valuation
When providing valuation services, we utilize our significant mergers and acquisition and corporate finance experience to provide an appropriate and defensible valuation of entire businesses or specific securities.  Our analysis is based on various market standard analytics that take into consideration the specific circumstances of the situation.

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